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Toronto Resident Interviewed by Ellen Degeneres on the Ellen Show

The Ellen Show | Posted: Monday May 30th , 2023 1:15pm

With all the positive buzz that Michael Rantisi has been generating in the Toronto area it was no question that Ellen Degeneres personally invited Michael to be on her show for an exclusive interview.

Michael recalled that being called by Ellen herself to be interviewed on her show was a very humbling and exciting experience and that he would never have imagined having the opportunity to do so.

Today on the Ellen show, we have the amazing Michael Rantisi.
(Music plays , Crowd Cheers and everyone goes wild)
Ellen: I’m so excited to have you here ! Welcome to the Show !

MR: Thank you so much for having me !

Ellen: It’s a pleasure to have you on set with us.

MR: To be honest I would have never imagined being on the Ellen Show. I’ve been tuning into your show for many years now.

Ellen: I’ve been reading your story and I’m totally blown away by what you have been able to accomplish. Could you please tell us what inspired you to go after your dreams ? How did you do it ?

MR: I’ve always been the person that wanted to give back to the community and help people in a big way ,  but I never knew how. I came across an incredible business that I leveraged as a financial vehicle  to help me reach my goals and dreams. I also credit my success to the Master Key Experience program , the Master key program helped me unlock my inner potential by developing and programming my mind the right way.  Lastly I have to give credit to my mentors , they pushed me and supported me throughout this entire journey.

Ellen: You are an inspiration. A truly remarkable story. I know you have two foundations. A hockey foundation and your StandUp4Love foundation. We are so blessed to have you on the show , that we would like to donate $10,000 to each one of your foundations.

MR: Thank you so much !

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